1st Symposium on Weak Molecular Interactions - March 5-6, 2013 - Pcs, Hungary
Monday, 22 April 2024
Scope & topics



Weak molecular interactions (deltaG~few tens kJ/mol) are an important group of chemical processes due to they are resulted in reversible, temperature-dependent behavior of chemical equilibria. This weak property has significant consequences at wide scale of chemistry and biochemistry especially when the species interacted are surrounded with a complex environment. The environment therefore affects significantly the equilibria formed in these systems producing enormous variety of the related chemical processes. Permittivity and structure of the bulk solutions, composition of the solvation shells of species interacted affect significantly the strength of complexes formed and also the kinetics of the molecular interactions. The aim of this conference is bringing together experts from different disciplines from academy and industry, to discuss recent progress in this particular field and stimulate collaborative efforts.

Special Session:
Raman as fruitful tool in research of weak molecular interactions (supported by HORIBA/Jobin Yvon)


  • Weak interactions in biological systems
  • Host – guest interctions in sensor chemistry
  • Molecular self-organizations
  • Structure of solvents
  • Solvation processes and microsolvation
  • Weak interactions in colloidal systems
  • Surface processes: growth, doping and heterostructures